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Over the past 40 years Excell Stamping Inc. has established its business, producing medium to heavy gauge stampings.  Our Straight Side blanking presses are equipped with combination coil cradle/straightener and feeders to produce a wide variety of parts from first stage blanks to fully finished components.  Our remaining presses support secondary operations such as shaving, piercing, coining, lancing, forming and drawing.  


Our Quality Assurance staff is trained in various inspection methods to meet or exceed customer expectations. Our Production staff is also trained for In Process Part Inspection and Verification. Currently registered to ISO-9001/2015


Safety is handled by a full time Safety Coordinator. On going training such as WHMIS, Lockout, First Aid, Forklift Training, Aerial Lifting as well as equipment certification and annual inspections are maintained to meet the legislative standards.


Our manufacturing process enables us to support customer’s needs with minimal lead-time. Once an order has been received our manufacturing department moves quickly to locate raw materials and schedule production to ensure swift and accurately shipment of the product.  


Excell Stamping Inc. works closely with customers to produce tooling using their design or we further offer to design and build tooling from concept to production working with the customer’s drawings and engineering department. Our on site tool and die department is fully equipped to maintain all customer and company owned tooling.  


Shipping and receiving is designed to accommodate all types of transportation needs such as vans, flatbed and sea containers.  We have overhead cranes ranging from 5 to 25 tons and forklifts ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 pounds lifting capacity.





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